In order not to die, let’s keep moving!

Conference venue: Yeditepe University

Date: 22 September, 2012

Speaker:Nik Peachey

Title: Grow your PLN to develop your teaching online- From Information to Knowledge

I believe Nik Peachey is one of the right people who should be followed for professional development. I have been following him since I read an article of him about ELT-related web tools a couple of years ago.

He didn’t surprise me when he started his talk by asking the audience to leave comments and answer his questions via that helps people connect realtime. Nik defined PLN as people, not a software. He suggested Twitter to reach and follow professionals. To reduce overload we need to follow the right people. His first suggestion was that shows highly recommended ELT blogs. His second suggestion was RSS webpage,, to track the blogs that matter to you so that you can save time as everything is on one dashboard and continually updated. Another simple tool to save web pages to read later was

Nik’s talk was mainly about how to turn information into knowledge by using, reflecting, reformulating and republishing it. We can do this by personal journals (e.g. and blogs such as mainly for mobile blogging. When I asked his advice for the teachers who are new but tech savvy and who not so close to technology, he, like the aim of aPLaNet project, suggested that they should work together as mentors and mentees. Thanks to Nik for sharing his presentation on

Gülnur Şahin

British Council Roving Reporter


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