Conference venue: Yeditepe University

Date: 22 September, 2012

Speaker: Meral Şeker/ Çukurova University

Subject: Priorities and key competencies within the lifelong Learning Programme

Content: Meral Şeker’s talk was about their school Project called ‘PopuLLar.’ With this Project, students can write their own lyrics. They need to play the music themselves and record the music. PopuLLar wants students to create autonomy. They will become singers, instrument players. As for the relevancy; technology is integrated.The UK, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Czech Republic and Germany are they partners of the Project, which started almost a year ago.The guidelines have been prepared for students and teachers. Suggestopedia will also be used to make students write their lyrics to the song. The background of the Project reflects the subjects connected with social media environment.

Gülnur Şahin

British Council Roving Reporter


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